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Tribal Fusions

Price: $13.99

Tribal Fusions is an aptly titled compilation as the music of the Tribal Bellydance scene has always been prone to the mixing of various disparate elements in order to create something truly unique. This compilation offers up the  following:  the exotic sounds of Beats Antique electronic bellydance by way of dust bowl roots, the Arabic trip hop moods of Zohar,  the sultry Oud sounds of master musician Simon Shaheen, the infectious rhythms of Oojami and a collection of the most intriguing music from around the world today. The old versus new, traditional versus modern, the melodic versus dissonant delivers the listener Music for the Dark & Twisted. Enjoy!



1.Nau-Ashta                            Beats Antique

2.Right In The Eyeball            Pentaphobe    

3.Caravan                                Oojami           

4.Byzantine                             Zohar  

5.Om Om                                Galatic Caravan         

6.El Baracka                            Faraka

7.Had There Been A Dream   Baghdad Heavy Metal           

8.Tribal Awakening                Issam Houshan           

9.Sikh Wid It                          Rapid Beat Contruction         

10.Mismar De Mar                  Ahmed Qawala          

11.Kasbah 3am                       Mohammad Al HasanAbo Abid        

12.Saraab                                Simon Shaheen          

13.'Ard In  It                           Pentaphobe    




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