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Issam Houshan: The Dancing Drum Vol. III

Price: $7.99
This teaching CD is the 3rd release in the Dancing Drum series of Issam Houshan, the Master Percussionist behind the Bellydance Superstars. Issam's music is popular in the World Music marketplace, as well as in the Bellydance World.

In this CD, you will find all the rhythmic elements necessary for all aspects of both Traditional and Tribal bellydance routines.

Issam tours the world teaching and performing, and fully understands the needs of students, performers, and instructors. In this CD, Issam demonstrates each rhythm, and recommends corresponding movements and placements in a routine.

1. Malfouf (Entrance, Hagala Walk)
2. Karachi (Shimmy)
3. Saudi (Khaleegy)
4. Layali Saidi (Hip Drop, Shimmy, Travel)
5. Beledi (Lockdown)
6. Chiftitelli (Warmup, Tribal)
7. Masmoudi Kabir (Raqs Samah)
8. Darej 6/8
9. Samai Thaquil 10/8
10. Mudawar Al Hindi (Tribal)
11. Kashlamar 9/8 (Turkish)
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