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Flow: Graceful Arms and Hands with Bozenka

Price: $7.99

The key to flawless dancing is having seamless arm work and hand movements.  In this instructional DVD, Bozenka teaches a wide variety of beautiful arm movements, hand movements and tips on how to make them flow and transition aesthetically. Paying careful attention to detail, she has chosen movements that are essential in bellydancing and clearly breaks each one down. 


Often complimented on her grace and beautiful arm and hand movements, Bozenka discovered that there was a demand for an instructional video that focused on the fluidity, posture, framework and positioning of arms and arm movements as well as the expression of the hands.  A role model to students world wide and one of today’s leading instructors and performers in this industry, Bozenka is an international Bellydance Superstar who is admired for her elegance and class.  A useful tool for students of all levels and a teaching tool for instructors, this is a valuable DVD that any bellydancer should include in her video collection.


Some of the movements you will learn with this instructional DVD include:


-   Arm Circles (various levels of difficulty)

-   Snake Arms (various levels of difficulty)

-   Arm Sweep (various levels of difficulty)

-   Persian Arm Work

-   Arm Figure Eights

-   Hand Circles

-   Hand Figure Eights

-   Hand Wave

...and many more!


Complete with a warm-up and even a beautiful performance demonstrating the material covered in this instructional video by Bozenka.  This is a valuable and special gift to purchase for any dancer.

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