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Bombay Bellywood (2-CD Soundtrack)

Price: $14.99
The Bellydance Superstars have gained an unrivaled reputation for bringing excellence to the art form of Bellydance while pushing the boundaries of the art to greater and greater heights. This internationally acclaimed troupe add an array of exciting Indian dance styles including Bollywood and Bhangra into their already varied mix of Bellydance styles that include Egyptian Cabaret to American Tribal styles; hence the show title BOMBAY BELLYWOOD.

This special 2-CD set captures the magic of the music from the new show!


1. Bellywood - Riffat Sultana

2. Sitarfire - David Starfire

3. Saloumi - Issam Houshan

4. Mystic Whomp - David Starfire

5. Babuji Zara Dheere Chalo - Sukhwindre Singh

6. Panjab Bhangra - Achanak

7. Medley Farid - Issam Houshan

8. Mission - Beats Antique

9. Time Is Now - Oojami

10 Autology - Filastine feat. Jessika Skeletalia Kenney


1. Birds of a Feather - Kiril Shirokov/ Samir

2. Indian Fever - David Starfire

3. Dhol, Dark & Handsome - The Dhol Foundation

4. Smoking Camel on a Camel - Coda

5. Knight of the Serpent - Kiril Shirokov/ Samir

6. Cobra - David Starfire

7. Joke Joke - Valeesha

8. Miskatonic - Najma

9. Bellydance Superstar - Bellydance Superstars

10. Nach Le Saade Naal - Riffat Sultana

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