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Bellydance Superstars Vol 11

Price: $13.99
Item Number: BDSS 11

The 11th volume in the world’s best selling bellydance series presents some of the greatest bellydance music from around the world. It includes some of the best known artists including: Baha Hosny, Oojami, Saad, and Charbel Rouhana. This compilation is sure to make you shimmy with excitement!



1.Endably Bad Kbeer                                          Hoda    
2.3000 Mix                                                             Baha Hosny
3.Hayyah Baad Hayyah                                      Hossam Ramzy
4.Wallah                                                                Ziad Bourji
5.Wings Over Cairo                                            Ahmed Qawala
6.Gamed                                                              Hamza
7. Boom Shinga Ling                                         Oojami                                                  
8. Backstreets Of Cairo                                     Mohamad Al Hasan Abo Abid                         

9.Helou Ou Kaddab                                           Cairo Cairo                                       
10.Mysteries In Stone                                        Issam Houshan
11.Eventide Refrain                                           Eka'at
12. Sabah El Sa Awah                                      Saad   
13. Just like that                                                 Charbel Rouhana     


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