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Bellydance Hits to Shake Your Hips!

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The Sound of Bellydance....Middle Eastern Hits to Shake your Hips!!

For the dancer or dance fan looking for the perfect mix of Arab music. From new interpretations of golden era hits, to the latest sounds of Sha’abi, this compilation is sure to inspire countless hours of expression through dance. Enjoy this variety mix featuring New Oriental numbers, emotional & earthy Baladi, energetic pop, modern recordings of classic staples and an exciting drum solo from master percussionist, Issam Houshan.

Compilation assembled by Bellydance Superstar Lauren!

1. Salaam Alaikoum       4:16      Saad     The Art of Bellydance    

2. El Sokary      2:52      Ahmed Sarhan   Cafe Bellydance           

3. Keef Trouhi    3:59      Issa Ghandour   The Art of Bellydance    

4. Alf Layla We Layla     4:15      issam houshan & the damascus bellydance orchestra     

5. Enta Teghany            4:55      Ahmed Sarhan   Cafe Bellydance

6. Wings Over Cairo       5:08      Ahmed Qawala  The Art of Bellydance

7. El Hantour     3:53      Ameina Superstars of Shaabi                 

8. El Balady      2:57      Ahmed Sarhan   Cafe Bellydance

9. Backstreets Of Cairo  4:18      Mohammad Al Hasan Abo Abid   Master of Egyptian Bellydance

10. Gana El Hawa          6:17      Ahmed Sarhan   Cafe Bellydance           

11. El Enab       3:25      Saad     Superstars of Shaabi                             

12. Wahashtony 4:33      Issam Houshan & the Damascus Bellydance Orchestra   

13. Shimmabulous         4:06      Issam Houshan The Dancing Drum Vol. II

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