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Bellydance Superstars: Volume 10

Price: $7.99
This compilation is a mix of sultry tunes perfect for classical dancing, composed by Mario Kirlis, Hossam Ramzy, and Issam addition to upbeat Arabic party mixes to groove to, by Shafeq Kabaha and Yeni Mezdeke. This CD is comprised of music that I enjoy dancing, creating, and listening to for inspiration and I hope you enjoy it too!
-Petite Jamilla

1) Gawaly - Issam Houshan & Damascus Bellydance Orchestra
2) Awal Suhur - Mario Kirlis
3) The Pearl In My Heart - Hossam Ramzy & Ossam El Hendy
4) Rakkas - Yeni Mezdeke
5) Halali Ya Mali - Shafeq Kabaha & Tamin Asadi
6) Shashkin - Omar Tekbilek (The Unity of Diversity Remix)
7) El Balady - Cairo Cairo
8) Sharuk (Cheeky Mix) - Samer Issa
9) The Nays Have It - Ahmed Qawala
10) Hubble Bubble - Mohammad Al Hasan Abo Abid
11) The Bride Aloft - Ekáat
12) Aladdin' Lamp Oil Company - Nnoiz Papp
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